When Asked Why,
The Answer Is Just Because.

Why We Do

What We Do

True giving has no incentive, no personal reward, so when asked why, the answer is just because. AAF & our sister organization, Ad 2 Tampa Bay, are empowering all advertisers and professionals in the area to share their talents for charitable causes. We are planning volunteer days at an organization for members to meet up, lend a hand or give back to our communities. In between, we’ll spotlight local pro-bono work and set up coffee consultations for any nonprofits in need of creative advice.

Organizations We Support

  • The League of Women Voters
  • Camelot Community Care
  • Nomad Art Bus
  • Gasparilla Concours
  • Tampa Pride
  • Keep Pinellas Beautiful

This Is Just

The Beginning

Are you a professional, agency or nonprofit? Click the Form Link and let us know about your causes of interest or organizations your support plus get on the invite list to our launch event, The Because Tampa Bay Expo, coming this fall.