The leadership team that heads AAF Tampa Bay get to take their passion for their professions to a whole new level as board and committee chairs. They also gain incredible experience in all facets of our industry as well as priceless exposure to top power players throughout Tampa Bay. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Then become a member and volunteer for next year’s team.

The 2017-2018 Board Members are:
  • Jennifer Peterson- President
  • Taryn Cashmere- President Elect (Membership)
  • Tod Herron- VP (Education)
  • Shelley Manes- Secretary 
  • Mike Andersen- Treasurer 
  • Andy Angstadt- (Programs)
  • Helen Pantuso- (Club Achievement) 
  • Nick Riccardi- (ADDY) 
  • Mike May- (Government Relations)

    Jennifer Peterson

    Taryn Cashmere

    Tod Herron

    Michael Andersen

    Shelley Manes

    Helen Pantuso

    Mike May

    Andy Angstadt

    Sarah Jeffcoat